A Son’s Journey to Mental Health (Part 2)

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Part 1 of this article was published in the September/October issue and can also be found on our website: Thrivedetroit.org When we made our move to Southfield, it was deemed a great idea. We would be closer to family. William would be closer to cousins his own age and we would be in a predominately African-American community. Again, a situation that I thought would be great, but turned out to be worse than before. When William started high school, he was short and overweight with female breasts. From afar you couldn’t tell, but if you bumped him, his breasts would move. Once this was discovered, the taunting started once again and he would start his spiral into depression. The time he thought he was going to spend with his cousins…
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A Son’s Journey to Mental Health

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I will never forget my son telling me at age 6 that he wanted to die. When he said this to me, I didn’t know what to think. I kind of shrugged it off as an only child trying to seek some attention. I couldn’t allow myself to take this remark seriously.  How many mothers hear their child say something like this? My son was born smiling. And as a young person, he smiled all the time. He was a happy baby and happy young person. Everyone who encountered William felt he was someone special and so well behaved. By age 10, William was starting to get in trouble at school. His behavior started to change dramatically—he didn’t want to sit in class and started having social issues with his…
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Coming Full Circle

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It was a warm sunny day and I was just happy school was over. I always said this was my birthday present since school ended the week of my birthday or on my birthday. This year stuck out because Mama and Daddy were separated and things had been up and down emotionally for me. No child ever wants to see their parents separate--I know I didn’t. It was such an emotionally draining experience. Who was to blame? Mama? Daddy? Me? My brother? Who was going to stay with whom? And does this mean Granddaddy won’t be coming to pick us up? These were the questions running through my mind as I entered the next phase of my life, which I was no way prepared for. Within a couple of days…
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