Book Review: 600 Hours of Edward by Craig Lancaster

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Craig Lancaster’s first novel, 600 Hours of Edward, is the engaging story of 600 hours (or 25 days) in the life of Edward Stanton, a 39-year-old resident of Billings, Montana. The title reflects a driving force in Edward’s personality and life: he likes to count. In fact, he counts and tracks many aspects of his humble existence in a tidy home in an unremarkable suburban neighborhood. He records his waking time each day, to the minute. He keeps track of weather data, recording each day’s high and low temperatures. Edward also eats the same thing for breakfast (cornflakes) and dinner (spaghetti), every day. Every night at the same time, he watches a recorded episode of the old television series Dragnet. He grocery shops at the same store, on the same…
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