Google Captures History with the Google Art Project

Arts & Culture, Technology
If you’ve been following Google news lately, you’ve no doubt heard the announcement of their futuristic augmented reality product, Google Glass, but less touted and equally impressive has been a major expansion of the Google Art Project. Though launched over a year ago, the Google Art Project has gone largely unnoticed until this past month. For the uninitiated, the Google Art Project is a virtual gallery containing detailed scans of some of history’s greatest works of art. Short of traveling across the world or catching some of the pieces on tour, this may be the best way to experience these astonishing works of art. In some ways it may even be better. These are not scans of reproductions, but high-resolution photographs of the actual works of art, showing a stunning…
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Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

Arts & Culture, Movies
Possibly the biggest leap of faith in the more recent years of film history, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter is definitely one for the books. After witnessing a vampire murder his mother at a young age, Abraham Lincoln wanted nothing more than to kill the creatures that were responsible.  After a few lessons in vampire hunting from a bloodsucker itself, the future sixteenth president set off to rid the free world of its undead guests. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter is almost just what you’d expect to see when watching a film about a former president doing battle with unholy creatures of the night. The script didn’t seem to be that finely crafted, and the acting didn’t really make up for it either. That being said, I will admit that, other than…
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Book Review: 600 Hours of Edward by Craig Lancaster

Arts & Culture, Books
Craig Lancaster’s first novel, 600 Hours of Edward, is the engaging story of 600 hours (or 25 days) in the life of Edward Stanton, a 39-year-old resident of Billings, Montana. The title reflects a driving force in Edward’s personality and life: he likes to count. In fact, he counts and tracks many aspects of his humble existence in a tidy home in an unremarkable suburban neighborhood. He records his waking time each day, to the minute. He keeps track of weather data, recording each day’s high and low temperatures. Edward also eats the same thing for breakfast (cornflakes) and dinner (spaghetti), every day. Every night at the same time, he watches a recorded episode of the old television series Dragnet. He grocery shops at the same store, on the same…
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