The Age of Technology: Blessing or Curse?

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By Karen Gates We live in the Technology Age. Just look around and you cannot help but see an electronic device in operation. I am old enough to remember when this was the subject of sci-fi movies. The brain was encased in fluid-filled glass hooked up to equipment that did all the functions necessary for life. The one thing it could not do was be human any longer. It has been a slow process getting to this point when you consider our existence here on Earth. The exact age of the existence of humans is up for debate since all current methods use unprovable philosophical assumptions. Man has been around a long time no matter how you count it. We’ve passed through many ages along the way. We have the…
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Monthly JOW: Pure Faith, Pure and Simple

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By Sajjiah Parker The monthly JOW—Jewel of Wisdom—began as an outlet, a catharsis, of my innermost thoughts, reflections, epiphanies, and eureka moments, per my present/past life experience. My intention was, and remains, to share this inner dialogue and these profound moments of personal revelation and enlightenment with others, who perhaps by my transparency and testimony could be inspired and, in some way—any way—even possibly be transformed. In like fashion, then, I am compelled to share with you the most profound revelation I have experienced to date. It has been so life changing that at every possible opportunity with which I am presented, I give it to whomever is within my audience. Okay… so let’s talk about faith. Faith is a word/concept that is generally understood by most; whether you consider…
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Making Dreams a Reality

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What is it that makes dreams become a reality? We are in the season of celebrating graduations, from preschool all the way to achieving a master’s degree, the former being expected and the latter being achieved through dedication, discipline, and diligence in the pursuit of a dream. Higher education eludes a number of people due to various challenges, setbacks, and dead ends. This can be said about the pursuit of any dream, be it personal, professional, or public acclaim. Dreams come in all sizes, shapes, and selections. Looking for a dream job? Want a dream marriage? Desiring that dream vacation? Holding onto dreams that all mankind can live in peace with social justice, love, and mutual respect?  Many may seem to be out of reach or impossible to achieve. There…
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